About Me


Years ago, a dear friend sent me a greeting card. On the front it said " A friend, an inspiration, a maker of beautiful things". I've still got that card. I was so honored that she saw me that way, and I do my best every day to continue to earn that lovely sentiment.

Peg Pennyworth offers designs that are a celebration of simple joys and fresh beginnings. My designs are uplifting and whimsical - because we all need inspiration to start the day, as well as a soft place to land at day's end.

In addition, I strive to weave humor, kindness, tenderness, & compassion throughout my work. If we embody those qualities, we make our world a better place for all living things.

  • Welcome to my Studio

    My studio is a converted spare bedroom in our apartment that looks out, from the 3rd floor, onto a lovely plaza featuring a large tree. There's a small set of fountains that serenade me while I create designs for Peg Pennyworth. Occasionally, a flock of Canadian geese or mallard ducks will thrill me with a fly-by 💕

  • Process

    Working by a large window is essential for my creative process. I like to watch people walking by below, often with their happy dogs. I like to see the mailman arrive to deliver the mail and watch as the landscapers fill the beds with lovely flowers.
    I'm a modern Gladys Cravitz, but I haven't spotted any bewitching occurrences...yet.

  • Essential Tools

    Lots of pens, pencils, markers, and erasers fill miscellaneous containers near my desk. I also have my camera and a tripod perched on a table in front of the window for photos with lots of natural light. But the tool I like the most is a set of binoculars. Sometimes I need to know what the neighbors have planted on their patios 😎

  • My Desktop

    My husband and I manage the large community garden in our complex so I have access to cutting flowers on a daily basis. I think everyone should keep at least one living thing on their desk - a single wildflower, a sprig of mint, a plump succulent. It reminds me of what's truly important. I find any little reminder of nature to be very calming.

  • Inspiration

    I'm a multipotentialite (thank you Emilie Wapnick for shedding light on this trait). I find inspiration everywhere I look, so ideas fill my notebooks and scrap papers tucked into notebooks. I'm learning to accept that I'll never get to all of them. Mostly, inspiration comes from my fellow artists and keeping up with what people are talking about.