Downloadable Goodies

Hello there! Welcome to my Freebies page. I hope you'll find something useful or fun - or both. I decided to add this page to my website instead of create a pop-up that insists on your email in exchange for the item you're interested in. If you're inclined to offer your email (at the bottom of the page), I'd love to have you on my list. I send out monthly updates and offers - items that you won't necessarily find here. Please enjoy!

Quarterly Habit Tracker

I designed this habit tracker to give me an instant visual of how well I'm doing in meeting my daily goals. At a glance I can see which areas need a little more attention and which areas are right on track.

On the page, you'll find space to track three months. You can enter up to six habits - more than that, in my opinion, distracts from your focus. You may even find that fewer habits helps you prioritize what's really essential for you to meet your goals.

There's an instruction sheet in the download, so check it out. I hope this simple graphic style tracker will help you achieve your goals this year!

Get Your Habit Tracker Here

British Bake-off Scoresheet

If you love The Great British Baking Show like I do, you relish following each baker's progress and guessing who will win each challenge. Upon a friend's suggestion, I developed this scoresheet so I could keep track of each delicious episode.

Each scoresheet has room for you to enter the names of each baker and record the results of each bake. There's an instruction sheet to help you understand how to fill it out. Ready? BAKE!

Get Your Baking Scoresheet Here